Another science fiction story

I was a fairly crappy student when, during my late twenties, I fought my way through a Philosophy degree. Course closures limited my choice of modules and so I took a few electives in subjects such as Politics or other Humanities, and this included an English Literature module in Science Fiction, taught by an excellent lecturer called Megan Stern.

As part of my assessment, I had the option of writing a short science fiction story, so I did. I’m now reproducing that story here. It’s all about women and periods and fertility and the planet and colony are supposed to be a metaphors for the fertile and the sterile, in a future of controlled biology.

I still don’t have a good title for it.

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The Terrible Tragedy of Planet Earth: a story in one part

I’m supposed to be using my blog more often, adding things to it both old and new, so this weekend I decided I’d fish through things I’d written in days past.

I wrote this story four years ago on a sunny summer’s day in Hammersmith. It came to me pretty much all at once and I wrote it down pretty much all at once. It’s only been slightly edited since. The start is probably the best bit and I guess the message, when it comes, is very much on the nose.

I’ve written the odd short story over the years and while I’ve sent a few away to be published, none have yet been accepted. TToPE wasn’t one I ever sent away, partly because I can’t imagine who would publish it. That’s largely irrelevant anyway, because the point of stories is not to get them published, but to get them read.

To that end, I’m posting it up here.

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Nasa, says the quantity of hazardous material circling the Earth has reached a ‘tipping point’ and poses a real and increasing danger to satellites and the International Space Station.