So as my friend Aanand put it, Neal Stephenson, one of my very favourite authors, has just won Kickstarter. Kickstarter is over now. We have to move onto something else.

Amidst the many and varied crowdfunded projects jostling for attention on the site, here is Stephenson’s pitch for CLANG, the swordfighting game with its own peripheral.

Yes, that was Gabe Newell who appeared with the crowbar at the end, the head of Valve, the company that made Half-Life. And Portal.

And Half-Life 2. And Portal 2.

Here’s even more detail from Stephenson, presented in his precise, down-to-earth and authoritative style.

I’m now starting to wish that this man was in charge of developing videogames all the time.

A video like this just makes me excited about Stephenson all over again, but it’s also an excitement chain-reaction for me, because it involves Stephenson, it involves games, it involves swords and it involves games about swords. I’ve nurtured a secret love for swords and swordfighting for about a decade now, and to see someone who has researched it so rigorously and intensely now try to create this way of sharing it… well. Well.

Should you wish to contribute to Stephenson’s Pocket, the Kickstarter page is here.