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EGM #110

This is a huge feature on women in gaming and the games industry that Electronic Gaming Monthly ran. It contains interviews, editorial remarks, and general cultural information from the time period. It carries a lot of “90’s opinions” (in all the resonances that phrase could have) about women, but I think it is a huge historical resource and I would encourage people to share it around. Publications writing about women in games is not new, and this is something to point to in order to make that case. 

It sure has characters, if nothing else.

Gearbox believes all this diversity in their approach will also be one of the ways it’ll connect with their player base. They’re keen to talk about their experiences meeting cosplayers and fans, who have been particularly enthusiastic about many of the strange and singular characters in Borderlands 2, a cast created with a deliberate attempt to be diverse and inclusive.

I used to like FPS games a lot more when I was younger, but many of them feel stale now. Borderlands 2 had personality, though, and this may too. It’s too early to judge, of course, but this could be some co-operative fun.

On Masculinity



Heyyyyy! HEEEEYYYY! Eeyyy, eh, mate! Ey, mate! Eh? Eh, mate?

Eyyy! EYYY! Yeah, eh? Eh? Yeah? Yeah! Yeah, mate! Woarrgh, eh, mate? Right? Woooarragh eeyyy! A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

EYYYYY YEAAAHH aww yeah mate. Oh mate, yeah? Yeah? YEAH. YEAH! Awwww, eh? Heh! HEH! Woarrgggh, yeah?

Yeeeeaaaahhhhhhh! Aww mate, mate, mate, pffff! PFFFF! Mate, yeaaahhh, right? Right?! RIGHT?!

Phwwoarrgh yeah, right mate? Right! Phwwoaaarrrrgghhh.

Mate. MATE. MATE! Mate, right, yeah? Yeaahh! Phhhwwaarrrrgghh.

All right, yeah?


Yes, this is what you think it is.

The satisfaction this can give is not to be underestimated and, for a particular sort of player, the chance to indulge in endless readjustment is absolutely intoxicating. The same is true when it comes to shaping your Sims. Putty in your hands, these willing subjects can be stretched and squeezed and deformed in almost all the ways that your godliness might dictate. Bums are broadened, calves compressed, wardrobes discarded and even tiny facial details can be tweaked and tugged out. Then there are aspirations to choose, personality traits to add and even walks and voices to customise. All this gives the feeling of being an artisan, of finely crafting dollhouses and their dwellers.

And you may ask yourself, How do I work this?

Pictures like this very much make me want to be anywhere else at all.

Look at that waterfall in the sixth picture.


New Zealand
By Trey Ratcliff

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Something’s deploying out of The Shard. It’s… OH GOD THE SKYDRONES NO RUN NOW

Something’s deploying out of The Shard. It’s… OH GOD THE SKYDRONES NO RUN NOW

Colossal Order is actually an architectural term.

While Cities: Skylines isn’t just an attempt to exploit the hole in the market left by an irrational SimCity, both Colossal and Paradox are well aware of the failings of the latest in Maxis’ usually polished series and know that there’s an opportunity to be seized.

This could be one to watch.

I am so okay with this.


Mark Ferrari

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We told you so.



"Researchers at the University of Western Australia decided to revamp the way they studied Viking remains. Previously, researchers had misidentified skeletons as male simply because they were buried with their swords and shields. (Female remains were identified by their oval brooches, and not much else.) By studying osteological signs of gender within the bones themselves, researchers discovered that approximately half of the remains were actually female warriors, given a proper burial with their weapons.”

Women have always fought. We have always been there, ‘contributing to history’. Our own, modern sexism contributes to the erasure of it.

(Bolding mine)

"We have always been there, ‘contributing to history’. Our own, modern sexism contributes to the erasure of it."

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Thank you for Gen Con

Oh dear.

Thank you for Gen Con, everyone.

What I thought would happen when I got back from Indianapolis would be my sitting down at this desk to collect my thoughts together and then write some words of appreciation. What actually happened was that I slept for twelve hours, peered at the world for about four and then slept for another eight. My first Monday back is a day that I will never know anything about. After, I had the worst (still ongoing) case of writer’s block in a year and I found collecting my thoughts on everything that happened was actually a lot like trying to separate salt from sugar.

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